Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Starter Bibliography of Publications on Michael J. Harrington, Old North Neighbor at 721 7th Street (274)

717 7th Street (Davis Enterprise Photo)
Davis aviation attorney Michael J. Harrington, who lives at 721 7th Street, is among the most prominent public figures in Davis. 

As a resident on our northern OId North border, he is surely the most famous Old North resident/proximate inhabitant (especially after Mike Corbett moved north from our northern border).

Because of this combined proximity and fame, it is only respectful to give appropriate attention on this blog to publications on and about him.

A full and professional bibliography is beyond my resources at this time, but I thought it might be helpful if I at least started a collection of items that ought to be included in a future and more systematic effort.

This post consists of three recent publications that feature him. A separate "starter" collection of items (and links to them) also appears at:

The first of these three publications provides an overview of Mr. Harrington’s legal activities with regard to the City of Davis, focusing on actions directed to his next door neighbor at 717 7th Street.

1 of 3 "Appellate Court . . . "
2 of 3 "Appellate Court . . . "
3 of 3 "Appellate Court . . . "
The above article is online at:

The second of these three publications is a commentary on the course of Mr. Harrington’s activities.

1 of 2 "Opening Thoughts"
2 of 2 "Opening Thoughts"

The above "opening thoughts" piece is by David Greenwald and is published as an email newsletter of the Davis Vanguard on the date shown.

The third of these three publications provides a theory of how Mr. Harrington selects litigation activities.

The above publication is online at: