Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Season of Street Sign Theft Is Upon Us (261)

Old North Davis Street signs are stolen on a fairly predictable cycle that corresponds to large numbers of students leaving town. They desire to take mementos of their stay in Davis and our colorful street signs present attractive targets -- targets that are especially attractive to alcohol fueled groups traveling on foot under the cover of darkness.

And so it is that now -- the end of the current academic year -- at least one more has gone missing -- the one at C and 6th. And the one at B and 6th has been the subject of energetic effort that failed but came close (images 1 and 2).

The other day someone faulted the City for not having theft-proof screws on the signs so that people could not so easily detach them. This person may have a point, but the sad fact is that many signs are taken by brute force without the nicety of undoing screws. Thus, the entire sign array at C and 6th is now missing! And the one pictured here almost yielded to brute force.