Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A New Old North Street Sign? (263)

How about this for a new Old North Davis street sign? (It might be transitioned to over time, beginning with replacement of four regular combined with ON signs that are currently missing.)

This concept might now become reality because the City has acquired a sign-making machine that allows "logo featuring" on Cannery street signs, shown below. Public Works is apparently willing to apply this feature to Old North street signs.

I suppose one follow-on question might be: should the Old North develop a logo to use on the sign or simply go with lettering of the kind Public Works has placed on the example given above? At this time, I lean to using the Public Works example and be done with it.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Davis Enterprise Report On Eight UCD Student Designs For a Redeveloped School District Block (262)

June 11th, the Enterprise published a story on a UCD class in which the students  developed eight quite different plans for a redeveloped school district block.

Given its special relevance to those of us who reside in Old North, I provide much of the story below and after the jump. The entire story, which features details on five of the plans, can be read at:

To me, the “take-a-way” is: There are certainly a lot of almost radically different and reasonable conceptions of what could happen there! Think long and hard and do not go with any plan too soon.

The Season of Street Sign Theft Is Upon Us (261)

Old North Davis Street signs are stolen on a fairly predictable cycle that corresponds to large numbers of students leaving town. They desire to take mementos of their stay in Davis and our colorful street signs present attractive targets -- targets that are especially attractive to alcohol fueled groups traveling on foot under the cover of darkness.

And so it is that now -- the end of the current academic year -- at least one more has gone missing -- the one at C and 6th. And the one at B and 6th has been the subject of energetic effort that failed but came close (images 1 and 2).

The other day someone faulted the City for not having theft-proof screws on the signs so that people could not so easily detach them. This person may have a point, but the sad fact is that many signs are taken by brute force without the nicety of undoing screws. Thus, the entire sign array at C and 6th is now missing! And the one pictured here almost yielded to brute force.