Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sept ’15 to Feb ’17 Minutes of the Old North Davis Neighborhood Association (256)

I recently noticed that it has been almost a year since I last received notice of ONDNA minutes published for public view on the internet. 

Unable to find such internet postings in a concerted search for them, I asked the ONDNA President, Marilyn Underwood, if there were minutes and how I might find them on the internet. She told me that  minutes do exist but that they are on a Google Drive account that has no public URL and that requires that one have a Google account.

When I expressed my concern that this is not a desirable arrangement from a transparency and democratic access point of view, she created a public URL for that Drive, which can be reached at this location:

I greatly appreciate her quick response in attempting to make the ONDNA more open with regard to a record of the organization's actions.

Public access aspects aside, it is still not easy to read minutes on that Drive. In the hope of stimulating knowledge of and interest in the ONDNA, I have reformatted the eight sets appearing there and I post them here en masse. Enjoy.

The reader will notice that there are no minutes for several months in the series. I am uncertain why this is and I will work on acquiring and publishing minutes of the missing meetings.*

1. sept '15

2. june '16

3. july '16

4. aug '16

5. sept '16

6. oct '16

7. nov '16

8. feb '17


*I might mention another oddity. The ONDNA does, in fact, have a public website, but appears to have abandoned it. This is the URL:

Nothing seems to have been posted on it since February of 2015, which is more than two years ago.

[Update on May 11, 2017: As of a few days ago, the above URL began to respond that "the authors have deleted this site."]

By my count, this is the fifth website the ONDNA has set up and abandoned or disbanded. These include a site registered on behalf of the ONDNA but personally owned by a former member and unilaterally taken down and away by that person ( Another site once owned by this same former member is currently on sale for $2,495, here:

The original website name -- -- appears to have reverted to the public domain and could be registered by the ONDNA and used as the name of a website if it desired to do so (and someone else does not register it first).

For a partial history of these five website names, see: