Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Documents on Starting the Old North Davis Street Signs Program (254)

A. ON Street Sign Organizing Documents
Given that the Old North Davis street sign program is apparently winding down, I thought it might be of at least slight interest to recall how that civic effort started and was structured (although not all of the formal structure was implemented).

Documents providing this information have been and still are posted on the Old North Davis History website, here:

The list of six documents at that location is shown in image A.  Each requires downloading or opening, which is not very convenient. For ease, I have opened and posted all six of them here (images 1 through 6).

1. Initial Letter to the Davis City Manager, November 30, 2005

2. Setting Up the Program, February 27, 2006

3. MOU between The City and ONDNA Residents & ONNA, February 26, 2006

4. Davis Enterprise Story, May 1 ,2006

5. Bob Dunning Commentary, Davis Enterprise, May 3, 2006

6. Announcement Prepared by Valerie Vann