Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stolen Old North Street Signs Recovered (248)

Walking one of my dogs after dark Saturday, March 14, I passed a home that appeared to

have a stacked set of three Old North street signs on view in its well-lighted living room.

Using the flash on the pocket camera I always carry, I achieved a clear photo of the specialty Old North sign attached to two other signs, the bottom one of which starts with the text “5 TH.” That photo is reproduced as Image 1. (The flash distorts the room lighting.)

The supply of the specifically Old North signs is running low and my first thought was to try to get this sign back.

To that end, I contacted the Davis police and met with Officer Edward Ellsworth at my home late Sunday morning, March 15. I told him I did not desire to identify or prosecute whoever stole the signs. I, acting as a founding member of the Old North Neighborhood Association and organizer of the sign program, only wanted the Old North sign back.

He went to the residence and returned a few minutes later with the assembly of three signs pictured in image 2. He reported that the residents said they had all just moved into the house and found it there. They knew nothing about it and were happy to have him take it for return to the neighborhood association.

I told Officer Ellsworth I would see that the signs belonging to the City were returned to it through the ONDNA relation to Public Works.

I expressed my great thanks to him for a job very well done and that I considered this matter concluded.

There is a “loose end” that does not have to be tied, but bothers me enough that I want at least to mention it.

The set of three signs originally stolen on Saturday April 16, 2011--which I thought was the recovered set of three signs--is not that set.

The April 2011 set of signs was literally ripped off from the bracket containing them. This is shown in Images 4 and 5.

The set of three just recovered contain the bottom bracket and the lowest sign shows no signs of ripping. So, this has to be a second set that was stolen and the first set is still missing.

The problem is I cannot recall a second set being stolen. And, I cannot find that I posted on Old North Chat that a second set was stolen (which I would have done, I think).

Can anyone shed light on this?

Since reporting the above, I have discovered that I was the person who first observed this second set missing and I reported it to the City on July 29, 2014. But, I had forgotten the episode. Talk about the fallibility and frailty of memory.

This event is described in images 6 and 7, below.