Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Restart the Two Old North Association Listservs? (243)

Recent events caused me to recall that the Old North group once had and used to good effect two “listservs.”

But, for whatever reasons, these lists fell into disuse and I wondered if they still existed. So I poked around and found, yes, both are still there and alive!

One is for “general” messages and can be accessed here:

The other is for “board”--meaning policy--matters and is here:

Midway down on either of these pages, you can sign up for the list if you are not already a member.

(If you are already a member and want to get off, you have to unsubscribe yourself through these same web pages.)

I sent a “test message” to both these lists asking people to respond to confirm the list was still alive. To my surprise, I got almost a dozen responses, which was far more than I expected in view of the state of public engagement in our 'hood.

So, there might be more interest “out there” than is readily apparent.

Perhaps we ought to consider using at least one of these lists in a regular fashion for such things as posting ON group agendas, proposals, minutes, and comments among people who care about such matters since, at this time, there appears to be no other regular, recognized and used place available to the public to find documents of these kinds. (And, of some importance, the list "comes to you" rather than you having to remember to go to it.)

For people not familiar with these lists, I have placed screenshots of the respective informational pages after the jump.