Wednesday, December 23, 2015

75% of the 16 E-500s Properties Have Been Importantly, Substantially or Basically Rebuilt (252)

In recent months, the new owners of 516 E Street -- the Pena Home built circa 1919 -- have
 virtually rebuilt it.

The basic systems -- plumbing, electrical, and the like -- has been reworked or redone, the foundation realigned, the roof replaced, and so on. It is pretty much a new home -- despite the fact that the original layout and “look” have changed hardly at all.

That miracle prompted me to notice that this is not the first time in the recent period that this kind of transformation has taken place in the E-500s.  Indeed, it has happened twice before over the last several years.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stolen Old North Street Signs Recovered (248)

Walking one of my dogs after dark Saturday, March 14, I passed a home that appeared to

have a stacked set of three Old North street signs on view in its well-lighted living room.

Using the flash on the pocket camera I always carry, I achieved a clear photo of the specialty Old North sign attached to two other signs, the bottom one of which starts with the text “5 TH.” That photo is reproduced as Image 1. (The flash distorts the room lighting.)

The supply of the specifically Old North signs is running low and my first thought was to try to get this sign back.

To that end, I contacted the Davis police and met with Officer Edward Ellsworth at my home late Sunday morning, March 15. I told him I did not desire to identify or prosecute whoever stole the signs. I, acting as a founding member of the Old North Neighborhood Association and organizer of the sign program, only wanted the Old North sign back.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A City of Davis View of the Alta Old North Traffic Calming Plan Seen in Post 245 (246)

Graphic of Old North Traffic Calming Measures (245)

As part of preparing for the reconfiguration of 5th Street, the consultant company Alta Traffic and Design studied traffic calming measures for the Old East, Old North, and University/Rice areas. One part of their report is a graphic for each area showing types and placement of such measures. The tabloid-scale design for the Old North is 4MB in PDF and can be downloaded here:

The image reproduced just below is a small, low res preview of that larger image.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Proposal to Separate the ONDNA Annual Meeting From a June Picnic (244)

Kemble Pope of 516 G Street has asked the ONDNA Board to consider separating the Annual Meeting from the picnic that is held in June of each year.

His request and reasoning are stated in an emailed letter to the Board sent yesterday and that, with his permission, I reproduce here.

screenshot 1 of 2

screenshot 2 of 2

Restart the Two Old North Association Listservs? (243)

Recent events caused me to recall that the Old North group once had and used to good effect two “listservs.”

But, for whatever reasons, these lists fell into disuse and I wondered if they still existed. So I poked around and found, yes, both are still there and alive!

One is for “general” messages and can be accessed here:

The other is for “board”--meaning policy--matters and is here:

Midway down on either of these pages, you can sign up for the list if you are not already a member.

(If you are already a member and want to get off, you have to unsubscribe yourself through these same web pages.)

I sent a “test message” to both these lists asking people to respond to confirm the list was still alive. To my surprise, I got almost a dozen responses, which was far more than I expected in view of the state of public engagement in our 'hood.

So, there might be more interest “out there” than is readily apparent.

Perhaps we ought to consider using at least one of these lists in a regular fashion for such things as posting ON group agendas, proposals, minutes, and comments among people who care about such matters since, at this time, there appears to be no other regular, recognized and used place available to the public to find documents of these kinds. (And, of some importance, the list "comes to you" rather than you having to remember to go to it.)

For people not familiar with these lists, I have placed screenshots of the respective informational pages after the jump.