Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Resident Interest in Old North Neighborhood Matters as Measured On the Nextdoor Website & Implications for a Democratic ON Citizen Group (240)

In this post I try (I) to guage the level of Old North resident interest in the area in which they
live and (II) to relate this level to the possibility of there ever being a democratic group that validly expresses neighborhood views.



Browsing through the list of what Nextdoor labels “Neighbors” on its Old North application of the Nextdoor scheme, questions regarding some of the entries come to mind:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Downtown Property Owners Present to City Council a Plan to Extend X Permit Regulations into Old North (239)

In the City Council Public Comment period last Tuesday, April 15, several “Downtown Property Owners” presented a 17-point “Parking Plan” centrally involving Old North.

Reproduced here, the first and seemingly keystone item is to:

Add X permit parking in old North Davis immediately. (New signs are not needed. A small “X” tag or sticker can be used. Current parking preferences for residences could be maintained.)

If this proposal extends X permit parking into the Old North following the form used in the western part of the Downtown, this means that no one will be able to park outside an N-space more than 90 minutes most important times and that residents would even be confined to N-marked spaces for longer periods. Student commuters who park in Old North would be out of luck for more than 90 minutes most of the time.