Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Spate of Home Improvements Along 7th Street (220)

There seems to be a spate of home improvements along 7th Street.

Of the seven on or close to that street, five form a continuous (albeit L-shaped) line.

1. Starting on the west, we have the significant construction at 636 B (the historic Ben Madson home).

2. Then just to the north, at 648 B, there is recent painting and other improvements, including landscaping.

3. Approaching C Street, 651 C has acquired new fences and a new window on its north facade. The landscaping is improved there as well.

4. Across C, at 648, the cottage behind the main house--648 & 1/2--has had its windows and the main door replaced.

5. At the southwest corner of 7th and D, 647, the two rear units--408A and B--have been refreshed on the exterior and the landscaping of main house is under improvement.

6. The “line” is then broken as we move to 511 7th, where a garage is being converted into a second unit.

7. Jumping a little, we see truly major investment renovation at 721 7th.

There is sufficient simultaneity in all this to raise the question of: “Is some sort of grand plan at work here?” For example, does one person own several of these properties and is upgrading?

While “grand plan” thinking is tempting, I do not think it applies here. Instead, turns of events in the lives of each of the owners that are unrelated to other owners lead each of them independently to improve their properties at this time.

Be the answer to that question as it may, it is nonetheless very good to see this spate of improvements in our ‘hood.