Friday, September 20, 2013

City Installs “NO DUMPING” Sign at Trash Corner (218)


Wednesday, September 18, a City crew installed a tasteful sign declaring--in all caps--“NO DUMPING” at our infamous 7th and C trash corner. Images 1 and 2 show it. (The red and white paintings on the ground are, I am told, markers telling the crew where to dig or not to dig for the sign.)

I am also told that this turn of events is part of a new effort by the landlord-owner of the house at the corner to upgrade that property. We do see that new fences have been installed there and that a public notice of an intention to install a new window on the north side of the house was posted next to the north-side sidewalk (image 3).

As a matter of further context, earlier this month we saw signs of increasing resistance to trashing trash corner. Images 4 and 5 show a “resistance sign.” The sign is humorous in the sense that it attempts to negotiate with anonymous trash thugs by instructing them what to leave and not to leave while also attempting to threaten them with surveillance.

One of the amazing aspects of all this to me has been the passivity of the homeowners in that area all these years (as well as that of the ONDNA). Ironically, it is a student renter landlord that has finally begun to take substantial action. It is as if Grace Kelly rather than Gary Cooper stepped up at high noon.

(I appreciate that early-on activity at the corner was defined by some as a community-spirited form of sharing and recycling and that the place was called "free corner.")