Sunday, June 2, 2013

The September, 2004 Scramble to Develop N District Parking Support (208)

# 4 (Redacted)
The recent postal service delivery of an Old North parking survey questionnaire from City planner Brian Abbanat reminded me of the first such survey.

Like the current survey, that one arrived on a holiday weekend, only that time it was Labor Day weekend of 2004.

City officials had not told ONDNA activists when the mailing would occur, so the timing was an unpleasant surprise coming at an awkward moment because many residents were out of town.

Undaunted and led by Bruce Winterhalder, the then ONDNA president, a list of every Old North residence was organized and canvas sheets drawn up. A street-to-street, door-to-door canvas crew consisting of some nine people was recruited.

Amazingly, it was possible for these volunteers to contact face-to-face the greatest portion of Old North residents and to garner the majority support required by City parking district rules.

This post features documents detailing important moments in this scramble.

# 1 by Bruce Winterhalder sets the stage by reporting how City Attorney Harriet Steiner invented the N District concept in a critical meeting of the “stakeholders.”

# 2 is the September 1 cover letter of the survey instrument sent by the City. Describing the parking district, it also announces the percent of approval needed to establish it.

# 3 is the letter Bruce addressed to ON residents that was hand delivered by canvassers asking for support.

# 4 is an example of the canvas sheet canvassers filled out.

# 5 provides Bruce’s post-canvas assessment of how well the effort went. 

# 1
# 2

# 3
# 5