Monday, April 29, 2013

Reactions to Brian Abbanat’s Description of Steve Tracy’s Old North Parking District Proposal (200)

In the just prior post on this blog (# 199), I reproduced City of Davis planner Brian Abbanat’s description of Steve Tracy’s plan to revise the Old North Parking District.

For those who have not read that post, let me explain that I published Brian’s account because, at that time, Steve had declined to provide a written account of his plan.

I have of course read Brian’s quite helpful report, as well as other items he emailed me not reproduced here. As one might expect, that reading generated, for me, a number of questions, observations, and suggestions.

I wrote these up and sent them to Brian--as well as to Steve--in the hope they might be helpful in further work on the proposal. That document is reproduced here.

I hope that readers of this blog might also find these reactions helpful.