Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brian Abbanat’s Description of Steve Tracy’s Proposal to Revise the Old North Parking District (199)

In early March, I thought it would be good publicity for Steve Tracy’s plan to revise the Old North Parking district to publish a description of it on this blog.

This was particularly important to do because, at that time (and up to this moment), the only published accounts of it were capsule summaries appearing on ONDNA agenda and minute doorstep handouts.

Also, I did not myself  understand the plan and I hoped to become better informed.

So I invited him to do a full post. But, he declined. He explained that he preferred to present the plan face-to-face in meetings and that was sufficient public presentation. To say the least, I was puzzled by this reversion to preliterate ways. But he was the only source of information on the plan, so I shrugged my shoulders and set the matter aside.

This last week, I learned that a Davis city planner named Brian Abbanat had been assigned to work on Steve’s plan. Ah, I thought, there might now be a second person who could provide an accurate written and therefore publishable description of the proposal.

So I asked Brian for one. At first he said he would prefer to talk with me on the phone about it. When I balked at this idea, he sent me a description. I have obtained his permission to publish it on this blog and it follows here.

So, for the first time ever, to my knowledge, here is a reasonably detailed written and public description of Steve’s proposal.

(In the post that follows this one, I offer reactions to the proposal that I sent back to Brian.)