Sunday, March 24, 2013

Two Recent Rapid & Positive City Responses to Old North Problems (194)

We grouse quite a bit about the City’s actions or lack of them. Therefore it might be particularly important to give the City credit when credit is due.

In recent days, I have personally observed two especially positive and rapid City responses and I am inspired to report them here.

One, driving by the corner of Seventh and D in the later afternoon a few days ago, I noticed that the southeastern stop sign was missing. Steven Tracy happened to be on his porch and I slowed down enough to yell “Steve, your stop sign is missing.”

He immediately called Public Works and only minutes later a crew was there to replace the sign--as shown in the snapshots Steve made of the event. Now that is service.

Two, walking on E recently, I observed a car with a “for sale” sign on it together with a warning from the City that it is illegal to park cars for sale on City streets. Talk about vigilance.

We can hope the City will be equally responsive to recent events involving our street signs.