Monday, March 25, 2013

Mega-Kudos to Public Works for Restoring the Three Stolen Sets of Old North Street Signs Almost Immediately! (196)

I thought the City was providing impressive service when I called attention yesterday to two “recent and rapid positive city responses” (post #194).

That was as nothing compared to how Pubic Works has jumped on the bizarre situation of three sets of Old North street signs missing last week, two of them this last Friday (post # 193).

Today, all three have been restored, as seen in the photos of the restorations I composite here.

I am sure others were involved, but I want personally to thank Eric Spann, with whom I spoke by phone this morning and who said he expected restoration by Wednesday. Well, he certainly greatly exceeded that! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yet Another Old North Street Sign Vandalized (195)

Walking my dog on F at 6th Street at about 8 pm Sunday, I observed an N District sign and pole on the ground on F Street. I took two photos, which are included here.

Two Recent Rapid & Positive City Responses to Old North Problems (194)

We grouse quite a bit about the City’s actions or lack of them. Therefore it might be particularly important to give the City credit when credit is due.

In recent days, I have personally observed two especially positive and rapid City responses and I am inspired to report them here.

One, driving by the corner of Seventh and D in the later afternoon a few days ago, I noticed that the southeastern stop sign was missing. Steven Tracy happened to be on his porch and I slowed down enough to yell “Steve, your stop sign is missing.”

He immediately called Public Works and only minutes later a crew was there to replace the sign--as shown in the snapshots Steve made of the event. Now that is service.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Two More Sets of Old North Street Signs Stolen (193)

Sometime today, Friday, March 22nd, the street name signs and the Old North sign were removed from atop the stop sign posts at the southwest corners of both 5th and E and 5th and D. The photos show the poles without the two street name signs and the Old North Davis sign that are normally above the stop signs.

This is the third such assembly of signs stolen in the last several days and the fourth and fifth attacks on Old North street signs in the last week or so.
Left: 5th & E. Right: 5th & D.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Old North’s Street Signs Are Under Attack! (192)


Over the last several days, there have been three attacks on street signs in the Old North.

First, last week, the stop sign at the southeast corner of 7th and D went missing (see photo 1, showing a PW worker replacing it).

Second, on Monday, the signs at the southwest corner of 6th and D were bent over to the extent of requiring fixing (see photo 2).

Third, today ALL the signs--pole and all--disappeared from the southeast corner of 7th and E (photos 3 - 6).


This is a time for Old North people to defend the ‘hood.

ONDNA March 21 Agenda, February 21 Minutes (191)