Sunday, December 9, 2012

Car Parked Overnight By My House, Oh My! (181)

# 1

The Davis Police Department is now using the NextDoor website scheme to broadcast crime prevention advice. This is seen in the alert on auto burglary sent to 28 neighborhoods excerpted here as #1.

For whatever reason, anyone in any of the 28 neighborhoods can respond, it seems, and the responses also show up on all 28 sites.

# 2
So it is that we read “Morgan W. from Stonegate” responding on the Old North site, which is reproduced in excerpt # 2.

Morgan W appears to be alarmed that a car he or she does not recognize has been parked overnight on the street outsider her or his house.

# 3
We residents of the Old North cannot but find this amusing. As an urban neighborhood, we of course regularly have cars we do not recognize parked in front of our houses.

Using Bing Maps, I found the accompanying photo of Morgan W’s house and the area around it (#3). As can be seen, there are hardly any cars on the street.  

One moral here might be that, in terms of the number of cars on the street, we all do not live in the same Davis.

Some of us, like in the Old North, live in the car clutter of urban coming and going. Others, like Morgan W, live in the vacant expanses of suburbia.