Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Storing Trailers on ON Streets: Problem or Not? (169)


A number of people have pointed out to me that at least two residents of the ON have begun to use our preciously few parking places as spots for the long-term storage of multiple trailers owned by each.

It is possible for people essentially to appropriate the streets for the storage of private property because it is legal in Davis to leave a licensed vehicle at a curb for 120 hours (five days). (The relevant portion of the City Code is reproduced in #1.)

When one reports that a trailer has been in a place for five days, the City warns the person to move it or get ticketed--I have been given to understand. The person simply moves it and the cycle start again. 

So: the law effectively legalizes storing vehicles in public parking places with only the minor inconvenience of moving it every seven or so days. But because calling in is futile, people stop doing it and so then no movement is needed.

On the day of publishing this post, the three trailers shown here in photos 2, 3, and 4 are all well beyond their five-day parking limits. But reporting them will only lead the owners to move them and start again. (There is also the way-over time ancient VW shown in photo # 5.)

MY QUESTION: Do people think this is a problem or not?

I happen to think it is because:

1) It is a form of community blight, and
2) A waste of short-supply parking places for legitimate users of automobiles.

But this is just my view.

What do other people think?

And if something should be done about it, what should that be?

COMPLICATING ALL THIS, both the owners of these trailers have received complaints from City officials and residents about this practice and both have not been receptive to changing their ways (to phrase it in the mildest of terms).

Instead, they appear to believe they have a right to do what they doing. And, indeed, they do have that right--narrowly construed--under the current law. 

As with many other laws and codes, the system can be "gamed."