Sunday, October 14, 2012

Old North Yard Decorations (171)

I have posted several times on “public art” objects seen in Old North yards.*

This is a topic that in turn raises the question of: What front yard decorative objects are or are not “public art?”

My current answer to that question begins with the idea that front yard decorative objects vary along two dimensions.

A. Uniqueness of the object: Is it thought to be the only one of its kind or not?

B. Function: Is it purely decorative or expressive or does it also have some utilitarian function? Is it a tool or not?

If we “cross-classify” these two two-value variables, we identify the four types of objects seen in the “four-fold” table shown here.

With this scheme before us, I thought it might be interesting to present an assortment of front yard decorative objects for people to contemplate in terms of what type each might or might not be. There are 14 of these examples, recently snapped.

*Posts number 154 (8-12-12), 153 (8-5-12), 101 (12-11-11), and 49 (6-5-11).