Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Mystery Trailer Parked at 6th & E (159)

For at least a month now a rusty, white trailer has been parked at the curb near the northwest corner of 6th and E streets.

Large chalk marks on one of the tires reading “8-12-12” with an arrow pointing to the ground might mean that someone called the parking police, who marked it for illegal parking. 

But, the way the arrow does not quite point down suggests the trailer may have been moved slightly and therefore never cited (even though the law specifically disallows such slight moving as a way to escape a ticket).

In any event, how this object came to be there so long and continues to be there without moving despite police response is rather a mystery.

Does anyone have information that might help provide a solution to this mystery? For example:
  1. Who owns it?
  2. Where does that person live?
  3. Why does that person not care more about her or his property?
  4. Is this an abandoned vehicle that the City ought to tow away?