Thursday, September 13, 2012

The City of Davis Renames Old North Davis “Old Davis North” (164)

I do not like to be picky, but perhaps we ought to be a little concerned when our City Staff puts a city map on the city website and does not notice that the name of one of the town’s historic neighborhoods is wrong.

I refer to the current website map titled “Davis Neighbors Night Out 2012” plotting locations of “night out” events on which Old North Davis is called “Old Davis North.”

There is even a staff-placed “pin” marking the location of a night-out event right next to the erroneous text!

An excerpt with the error is given here. The actual map is at:

Looking at the small print at the bottom of the map, we see this is a “base map” that is used for diverse purposes. So, many more than “night-out” staff are presumably working with this map.

How are we to understand such an error? Staff do not bother to read? Know no better? Know but do not care? All of the above? Other?

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