Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Fences on 6th Near D Are a Significant ON Improvement (168)

Some months ago, the homeowners at the northwest corner of 6th & D added a nicely done, streamline moderne-ish style fence to the existing fence next to their 6th Street sidewalk. 

Let me offer a belated expression of appreciation for that neighborhood improvement.

And now, this week, the homeowners just across D Street to the east have installed a new fence around their back garden and that faces on 6th Street. This, also, is a very handsome addition to the ON streetscape.

The proximity of the two new fences running along the north side of 6th Street represents, I think, a quite significant upgrade in our immediate environment for which we should all the grateful.

But beyond fences, both these additions are associated with vastly more in-depth rehabilitations and/or upgrades of the two homes on those lots.

I think we should also be delighted with the expressions of confidence in the ON seen in the major investments made by these two families.