Wednesday, September 12, 2012

N District Sign Meanders Up G Street (163)


On or before August 26th, the N District parking sign at the northwest corner of 6th and G streets was unscrewed from its base and left on the ground in the planting strip at that location (post # 158, Sept. 2). (Photos 2 & 3.)

It lounged there for more than a week and, apparently becoming bored with the scene, has begun to meander up G Street.

As of September 11th, it had made it to the vicinity of 617 G, where I observed it relaxing in the gutter. (Photo 1.)

In other parking sign news, the “no parking at any time” signpost continues to live on the open lot at the northwest corner of 5th and D streets (first reported in post # 152, July 29, “More 5th Street Sign Vandalism”). (Photo 4.)