Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Fences on 6th Near D Are a Significant ON Improvement (168)

Some months ago, the homeowners at the northwest corner of 6th & D added a nicely done, streamline moderne-ish style fence to the existing fence next to their 6th Street sidewalk. 

Let me offer a belated expression of appreciation for that neighborhood improvement.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The City of Davis Renames Old North Davis “Old Davis North” (164)

I do not like to be picky, but perhaps we ought to be a little concerned when our City Staff puts a city map on the city website and does not notice that the name of one of the town’s historic neighborhoods is wrong.

I refer to the current website map titled “Davis Neighbors Night Out 2012” plotting locations of “night out” events on which Old North Davis is called “Old Davis North.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

N District Sign Meanders Up G Street (163)


On or before August 26th, the N District parking sign at the northwest corner of 6th and G streets was unscrewed from its base and left on the ground in the planting strip at that location (post # 158, Sept. 2). (Photos 2 & 3.)

It lounged there for more than a week and, apparently becoming bored with the scene, has begun to meander up G Street.

As of September 11th, it had made it to the vicinity of 617 G, where I observed it relaxing in the gutter. (Photo 1.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Era at Junk/Free Corner? (162)

I notice that two signs have been posted on the light pole at Junk/Free Corner at 7th and C streets asking people not to leave “unwanted goods” in “this space.”

This is an impressive assertion of a desire to upgrade Old North public space. I laud this initiative because we need a great many efforts of this kind.

Unhappily, this effort is, so far, anonymous. It would be excellent if the proposers of an improved corner identified themselves so that we could tell them directly how much we support them and provide them whatever real help we can muster.

Square Tomatoes Craft Fair, Sept. 16 (161)

OND Neighborhood Yard Sale Sat. Sept. 15 (160)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Mystery Trailer Parked at 6th & E (159)

For at least a month now a rusty, white trailer has been parked at the curb near the northwest corner of 6th and E streets.

Large chalk marks on one of the tires reading “8-12-12” with an arrow pointing to the ground might mean that someone called the parking police, who marked it for illegal parking. 

But, the way the arrow does not quite point down suggests the trailer may have been moved slightly and therefore never cited (even though the law specifically disallows such slight moving as a way to escape a ticket).

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Move-out Week in the Old North (158)

As everyone knows, Davis is a (1) vast student rental town in which (2) leases commonly expire at the end of August.
      The conjunction of these two facts creates a rather large-scale “move out” and “move on” exodus during the final days of August. Over these days, rented moving vehicles dot the streets and unwanted items pile up at the curbs. Also, random acts of parting hostile vandalism are seen.
     The Old North gets its share of all this transitional behavior. Here are a few scenes.