Sunday, August 12, 2012

Public Art in the Old North: Installations Four Through Nine (154)

In posts numbers 49, 101 and 153, I reported what seemed to me to be public art installations in the Old North.

These three have stimulated me to look further this last week. Without much effort, I think I have identified six more.

I do not know the names the artists may have given their creations and it is best that I not invent or impute such labels. Instead, let me provide only a picture of each and the address at which one can view it while standing on the public sidewalk.

I have tried to list them in the chronological order of their installation, earliest first. (Do we have a public arts gallery blossoming in the E-500s block?)

4. 515 G Street:

5. Neighborhood Signs, Most Old North Intersections:

6. 513 F Street:

7. 524 E Street

8. 522 E Street

9. 516 E Street