Sunday, August 5, 2012

Old North Public Art Series # 3: The Mystery Statue (153)

This is the third installment in the Old North Public Art Series. The first two dealt with the Dynamic Bio-Machine Meld (#49, 6-5-11) and the The Faded Tomato With a Tattered Plaque (#101, 12-11-11).

I call this public art installment The Mystery Statue. I refer to it in this way because of its location rather than because of its character.

That is, the mystery is: Where is it in the Old North?

Were it concealed in a fenced back yard this would, of course, not be an interesting or challenging mystery.

But it is, in fact, right out in the open and perfectly easy to see from several locations on public sidewalks if one looks in its direction. The reason it is not already familiar to everyone is that even though it is “right there,” a person is unlikely to look in directions that place it in her or his line of sight.