Sunday, July 29, 2012

More 5th Street Sign Vandalism (152)

I guess I should be happy to observe that street signs containing the words “Old North Davis” are not the only 5th Street signs vandalized.*

Instead, a “plain vanilla” sign reading “no parking this side of street” has aroused the ire of someone who ripped it from the ground and threw it down at 415 5th Street, where it has reposed for at least a week.

I suppose I am most impressed with the exposed bottom of the signpost, which is a very small clump of cement. Such an anchor for the sign certainly did not pose much of a challenge in ripping it out.

I certainly hope that other City of Davis infrastructure work is of considerably higher quality than that involved in the installation of this sign--which bears the mark of that infamous observation “good enough for government work.”
* See this blog, posts numbers 28 and 31 dated April 17 and April 20, 2011.