Sunday, May 13, 2012

New York Times Report on the Nextdoor Company (143)

San Jose State business professor and tech writer Randall Stross pens a new report on the Nextdoor Company in the May 13 issue of the New York Times.

Given that we have a unit of the Nextdoor Company in the Old North, I thought readers of his blog might be interested in what Stross says, which will be found after the jump. By way of preview, his article is a positive characterization.

Two aspects of the article might be of particular interest to Old North residents.

One, the Nextdoor policy is to limit membership to people who live in whatever the defined area. Several devices are used to enforce this rule. Yet, I have noticed that at least two of the current Old North Nextdoor site-members do not reside in the Old North. One is a non-resident business owner and the other is a non-resident landlord.

I have no problem with either of these site-members because both are in accord with the ONDNA membership rules. But, they show that the screening methods do not always work. Non-residents can in fact join.

Two, Stross reports that site-member advertising activities have become a point of conflict in the Nextdoor neighborhood in which he is enrolled. At some date as yet unknown, Nextdoor itself will be placing paid advertising on the Old North site. And site-members are likely to promote goods and services (which has already begun in a small way). Will this play out the way Stross reports about his neighborhood site or in some other way?