Monday, April 16, 2012

Picnic Day “Safety” Zone Signs Being Installed, But Send a Misleading Message (131)

1. E St. at 5th looking
Early this Monday morning, April 16th, I saw that Public Works had just installed a “Safety Enhancement Zone” (SEZ) sign on my E-500s block. It is shown in Image 1.
Notice that it faces toward 5th Street and Downtown and reads “Entering” the SEZ. That wording is of course incorrect. Instead, from where one can read the sign, one is already in that Zone.

I checked around the ‘hood and found the same misleading placement of signs on G and D, the only others I saw in the Old  North at the time I looked.

I inquired at Public Works about sign placement. It said it was only following orders given by the Police. So I went by the Police Department and was told that these are last year's signs and there is no money to get new signs with more accurate text. The old signs will have to do.

So tell that to drunks in the Old North who think they are outside the SEZ and point to the signs as evidence. (Sounds to me like a claim that might get "enhanced" charges dismissed.)

2. D St. at 5th looking south