Sunday, April 29, 2012

Living in A Tent At 600 6th St. in 1932: Early Old North Resident Winston Williams Dies (140)

In perusing the Davis Enterprise some days ago, my eye caught--in the obituaries--the name Winston William Williams. At first I did not recognize who that was, but then I saw that he was the son of Faye Vance Williams Smalley.

Of course! This is the Winston Williams who, at age three in 1932, lived with his mother and father, Fay & William Williams, in a tent on the lot at 600 6th Street while they and their family and friends constructed the home that still stands at the southeast corner of E & 6th streets.

The four items reproduced as this post elaborate on this pioneering, home-building act of which Winston Williams was a part and tell us more about Winston Williams himself.

I somehow never cease to be amazed that in Davis in 1932 two young graduates of an elite university lived in a tent and built their own home with virtually no money.