Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Picnic Day Without UCD? (127)

The March 28th Enterprise quotes a City official reporting that UCD “has started to consider distancing itself from . . . [Picnic] day altogether.” It does not “want to be associated with an event that is negative.” 

The odd thing about this language is that UCD officials are apparently starting to think of Picnic Day as something that belongs to Davis and not only to the campus.

But the historical fact is that Picnic was invented by UCD and has long been an official activity of it. It would seem more accurate for university spokespeople to say they were not going to stage it anymore rather than “distance” themselves from it.

But, I suppose it is possible that Picnic Day may have come to have a life of its own--especially a money-making life that has nothing to do with what Picnic Day was about originally.

So, I suppose we could indeed have a commercial-drinking-partying Davis Picnic Day that has nothing to do with UCD.

With the campus presumably closed, guess where the crowds would likely roam.