Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kay Ogasawara (117)

I am saddened by the news of Kay Ogasawara’s passing. She was a jewel among Old North people and one of the last remaining original or near-original residents.

She and her late husband Frank were very interested in Old North history and actively helped me in writing Old North Davis. They drew up lists of names of “old timers” for me and loaned me snapshots for scanning. Two are seen here.  

Her interest in our neighborhood never dimmed and I was pleased to see her enthusiastic response to the materials on early residents in E-500s People, a cast of residents she had known for many decades.

For our Old North record, I reproduce her Enterprise obituary in this post.

Friday, February 17, 2012

ONDNA Organizing Neighborhood Watch: Email Annoucement From Sherly Gerety (113)

click to enlarge

If you did not receive this email from Sheryl and you would like to participate in an Old North Neighborhood Watch, send her your request at the email indicated.

Enterprise Letter-writer Hones the Weird Davis Edge (112)

1. DE, 2-16-12

I agree with Enterprise letter-writer Brian Horsfield that Davis need not worry about losing its weird edge (Image 1).

This is because he nicely hones Davis weirdness to great sharpness all by himself in his letter.

He takes Weird Davis to the next level in claiming against obvious evidence to the contrary that the group shown in image 2 was gathered “in the middle of an intersection.”

That photo shows no such thing. For the perception-challenged, the middle of the intersection is the manhole cover next to the head of the person wearing a red coat.