Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Year Anniversary Post: From Scheduled Weekly to Event-Driven Posts in 2012 (103)

Looking back over a year of posts on this blog, I have decided to move from a schedule of making weekly (or more) posts to one of posting mostly when ‘hood events prompt them.

I will, though, maintain a minimum of two posts a month, creating at least 25 posts in 2012--as opposed to the 103 logged this first year.

About one post each month will be on and/or by the Old North Neighborhood Association. This leaves another dozen or so that I will do that may or may not be event-driven.

Aside from this minimum, any additional posts will report breaking/current Old North events. Therefore, if there are only a few Old North events in 2012, there will be some 25 posts.

Or, if there are abundant Old North events, there might be hundreds of-- or who knows how many--posts.

When I started this blog a year ago to this day--December 29th--my plan was to make one post a week and therefore to do about 50 posts by today.

I have been surprised to see that--without my planning or intent--the actual number of posts is double that.

This is not because I wrote double the number of posts I planned. Instead, others, to an important degree, have written the additional posts.

I think that multiple posters is a quite positive feature of this blog and I want very much to encourage it as a major practice here in 2012.