Sunday, December 18, 2011

The City of Davis Water Tower At 616 D Street (102)

From the later ‘10s to the early ‘70s, the water tank/tower pictured to the right (image 1) stood on the rear portion of the lot at 616 D Street.

It was easily the tallest, most conspicuous, and perhaps most dramatic structure in Davis for a very long time.

Such features may help explain why the photo of it seen in Image 1 is the face-half of a postcard, the address half of which is also reproduced in this post. (Image 2)

Some of its dramatic presence is hinted at in aerial photos of Davis taken over that period. An excerpt from one of these is seen in Image 3, taken in 1946. From the angle of the photo, we can see that the structure is very much taller than anything in the vicinity.

At one time the City owned three other lots adjacent to or near to 616 D. These were 612 D and 611 and 617 E. The water production machinery the City had there is charted in the excerpt from a 1921 Sanborn map seen in Image 4.

3. Looking North,
D St. on the Left 
As technology changed, the City took down the tower and sold three of the lots. Today, only 617 E is a water well. Indeed, it has the distinction of being Water Well # 1.

More details on these topics are given in my book Old North Davis, pp. 126-129, online at: