Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Year Anniversary Post: From Scheduled Weekly to Event-Driven Posts in 2012 (103)

Looking back over a year of posts on this blog, I have decided to move from a schedule of making weekly (or more) posts to one of posting mostly when ‘hood events prompt them.

I will, though, maintain a minimum of two posts a month, creating at least 25 posts in 2012--as opposed to the 103 logged this first year.

About one post each month will be on and/or by the Old North Neighborhood Association. This leaves another dozen or so that I will do that may or may not be event-driven.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The City of Davis Water Tower At 616 D Street (102)

From the later ‘10s to the early ‘70s, the water tank/tower pictured to the right (image 1) stood on the rear portion of the lot at 616 D Street.

It was easily the tallest, most conspicuous, and perhaps most dramatic structure in Davis for a very long time.

Such features may help explain why the photo of it seen in Image 1 is the face-half of a postcard, the address half of which is also reproduced in this post. (Image 2)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Faded Tomato With a Tattered Plaque at the Davis Co-op: ON Public Art Series #2 (101)

In front of the Davis Co-op on July 11, 2000, Gerald Heffernon’s sculpture “Portrait of a Plump Tomato” was dedicated by the mayor of Davis and the Davis Arts Commission. Two moments in this event are shown in images 1 and 2.*

As is also clear in images 1 and 2, the “plump tomato” sculpture was a bright and vibrant red.