Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Trot Soft Language Masks Hard Towing Threat (94)


The November 6th flyer from the Davis Turkey Trot organizers some of us received says:
“. . . we ask that each of the residents please refrain from parking on 6th Street between C and E Street from 6:00am to 9:15am.”

Responding to the November 6th post on this event on this blog, Dan Quickert observed:
“that parking restriction appears from the wording to be optional . . . “

Well, Dan, we now know the reality.

The organizers were merely using soft language to mask a parking order hammer. Image 1 is a photo of one of the many signs put up along 6th Street Thursday night. It orders you not to park there on pain of towing.

So much for “please refrain.” (Image 2)

I can live with plainly-stated and out-front forced no parking for an event.

But, do we really have to put up with this phony “please refrain” crap language when what the writers are really saying is “do not park or we will tow your car.”

Is it really too much to ask these folks accurately and truthfully to state what they are doing at the point they set out to do something?

I can see why they mask their plans, though. If they were truthful from the start, we might object and cause them problems.

However, now we know. Therefore, we are more prepared to deal with them next year should they show up with a soft language plan that is a cover for coercive action.