Sunday, November 27, 2011

The 2011 Old North Leaf Fall Begins, Nov. 19-20 (98)

The Old North is blessed with a robust “urban forest” (aka “a lot of trees”).

Our predecessors planted that forest and we bask in their legacy.

This last weekend--Saturday-Sunday Nov. 19-20--the great yearly fall “leaf fall” began in earnest.

Walking one of my dogs on some Old North streets Monday evening, November 21, I was impressed that the avalanche of leaves on sidewalks of the previous two days was by and large swept up.

Monday is, of course, a major “mow, blow, and go” day among us, which partially explains this amazing clean up.

But beyond that factor, I am impressed with the diligence with which people who are not professional landscape maintainers clean leaves from the public sidewalks.

I am heartened by this expression of care for the public space we share.