Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rehab Projects on 5th Street (80)


I am pleased to observe that the owner of the building at the northwest corner of D Street and the owner at the same corner of E Street have been performing quite visible rehabilitation work there recently.

The D street building--Newman House--has received a new roof as well as other carpentry work involving the windows. Some of this is shown in images 1 & 2.

One can hope that this rehabilitative sprit at Newman House also extends to the very large yard surrounding that building. In particular, it would be good if the owners at least cleaned debris off its public sidewalks (images 6 &7).

The E Street structure on 5th is the historic Asmundson home, built in 1923. It has been “listing” on its foundation for some years. When looked at from the front, the right front porch support was quite clearly out-of-vertical.

This is changing. The process of redoing the foundation and making the house level is underway (images 3, 4, & 5).