Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Old North “Photo Map” Now a Slide-Show On This Blog (81)

For reasons I no longer remember, after I published Old North Davis in 1999 I was moved to devise a “photo map” companion to it.

This was a set of four tabloid-size sheets  (11 by 17 inches) folded into a booklet that showed each Old North building with some additional information, such as year built (when known).

The three photos show it folded and open.

It has proven to be physically ungainly and in order to make it more accessible and useful I have chopped the four tabloid sheets into eight letter-size pages and made them into the slide-show now running in the right side-bar of this blog.

When you click on the slide-show, you go to a web photograph storage site where you can view each of the eight pages and download any or all of them.

The map is now about 10 years old. There have been changes in the Old North and I have spotted some minor errors in it. So, it should be considered a snapshot made a decade ago.

Even so, it remains a handy guide to “what is where” on each of the Old North blocks.