Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is Old North Davis a “Walker’s Paradise?” (88)

The other day I encountered a curious and interesting website called “"--which is here:

As image 1 shows, you are invited to type in an address. In seconds it produces a “walk score” for that location.

I first tried the neutral address of 600 6th street and it popped out the score of 89, which it labeled “Very Walkable.” (Image 2)


I then put in my own address, which came back as 92 and in the category “Walker’s Paradise.” (Image 3)

Image 3 also lists the scores of many other Davis areas, ranging from the “Downtown Core” at 93 to “Wildhorse GC” at 15.


Poking around, I see the Walkscore people classify neighborhoods into the five categories of “walkabiity” seen in image 4.

This project has at least the gloss of “objectivity” in that the rationale and detailed methodology are available online, including a discussion of its “walk score algorithm.” (Image 5)

The Walkscore people make clear that the point of all this is, from their point of view, to have businesses add walkscore capacity to their websites--hopefully at the “premium” (paying) level. (Image 6)