Sunday, October 9, 2011

Council Candidate Brett Lee Out-Front on Neighborhood Quality-Of-Life Issues (83)

1. Brett Lee neighborhood quality-of-life planks

This last week, Brett Lee became the first announced candidate for the 2012 City Council election.*

I think his initially issued eight-plank platform is especially interesting from a neighborhood quality-of-life point of view.

That interest is generated by the fact that two of the eight planks focus on those issues--and do so in a positive way to boot.

As seen in both images 1 & 2, these two planks are “pedestrian and neighborhood safety” and “landlord and tenant responsibility.”

2. Lee platform planks, excerpted from a text
document, red underling added.
Historically, council candidates have not featured planks of this neighborhood kind in their campaigns. I applaud Mr. Lee for stepping forward regarding these matters.
Moreover, I very much agree with the positions he takes.

My hope is that Mr. Lee’s getting out-front in these areas will cause other candidates also to adopt positive planks on pedestrian and neighborhood safety and landlord and tenant responsibility.

Any candidate who does not advance affirmative policies on these topics will not receive my vote.  I hope that other Old North people--and other neighborhood-minded Davisites--will act in the same fashion.