Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Addendum to the 5th Street Rehab Post, #80 (84)

DavisWiki photo

Since posting a note on rehab work on 5th St (#80, October 2), someone suggested to me that the work being done at 503 E might be the ironic consequence of the fact that the place was used as a “show house” for some two decades.

That fact meant that from a few dozen to a couple of hundred people packed the place and milled about in it several times a month year-after-year.*

A band unloading, 7-28-07
The home was built in 1923 to withstand family use, not to support the weight of concert crowds.

The theory is that all that moving and shifting human tonnage and stress began to crush the building. It apparently shifted on its foundation and at least one wall severely cracked. The major repair work I pictured in post #80 became necessary, it has been claimed.

Morning after red cup litter
There may be ironic justice in this. In the relation between the owner and the house and the owner and the neighbors: Abuse something hard and long enough and it will sometimes bite you back.  

* 503 E was known as “Dam House” or “Dam Haus” and written up in various places, including this blog. See:

See also on show houses in the Old North in general, as well in other parts of Davis: