Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dennis Dingemans Commended For Neighborly Spirit (75)

Davis Enterprise, 9-15-2011
The September 15th issue of the Davis Enterprise prints a letter by Old North resident Elisabeth Sherwin commending our neighbor Dennis Dingemans for his work rehabilitating bikes for Davis newcomers.  

Elisabeth reports an important aspect of Dennis’ work, but this is, in fact, but a small part of the larger picture of his civic spirit.

That larger picture is that Dennis is a virtual whirlwind of community-minded  physical contributions and participation. To mention only a few matters I know about, he is a mainstay on the Boards/core groups of the Davis Cemetery, * the Yolo County Historical Society, the Hattie Weber Museum, and the ONDNA.

But he is not merely a meeting-goer, he organizes a great many activities for all these organizations and engages in yet other civic endeavors.

For example, in addition to rehabilitating bikes, he fixes up furniture items bought at yard sales and donates them to All Things Right and Relevant. And, he is a moving spirit in what is called “free” or “junk” corner, which is close to his home.

Not least, he has researched and written wonderful entries on this blog. Specifically:
# 27, on Picnic Day parties;
# 25, on the “Free Corner;”
# 24, on spring floral displays;
# 21, on Old North storm damage;
# 19, on Camellias in the Old North;
# 18, on Mourning Doves in his back yard.

I can only mention in passing his many other civic contributions, including that he served on the City’s Planning Commission for many years, including as Chair of it, and has been a key volunteer in many political campaigns.

For a long time, my main question has been: Where in the world does he get all that energy? I asked him that question some years ago and he told me, I assume in jest, “its a sickness.”

I guess the moral is that we should all be so sick.

*The Davis Cemetery Board of Trustrees is pictured at: