Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo-Essays on Collisions at 5th and E (61)

The note on dangerous intersections I just posted (#60) prompts me to recall my photo-essays on accidents near where I live, the intersection of 5th and E.
      Over a period of years, when I have heard collision crashes I have sometimes gone out with a camera and photographed the events.
      About a year ago, I noticed I had accumulated 15 of these “photo-essays.” Most are at the 5th and E intersection, but a few are at 5th & F and 5th & D.

The citizen campaign for a safe 5th Street was underway at that time, so I posted them on the web as part of that effort. They are here:

 I have selected three of the more dramatic to highlight in this post. (A live-link accompanies each,)