Sunday, July 24, 2011

512 D Street Renovation (58)

512 D, 2003
The renovation reportedly planned at 512 D Street might trigger “preservation” concerns among a handful of people.
     If that is true, then it is perhaps relevant to know the assessment made by the preservation firm Roland-Nawi Associates in their 2003 survey of the Old North as a possible historic district.
     I have posted their report on 512 D after the jump.

The “bottom line” of their report is that “unsympathetic replacement” renders the house not a contributor to a possible historic district.

If the building has already lost its magic status as a “contributor,” one might argue that the owners are free to do as they see fit with the structure (within city codes and ordinances).

This is, indeed, what owners of nearby buildings already do--even with buildings defined as “contributors.” JL

512 D, c. 1997
1933 City of Davis Tax Appraisal of 512 D Street