Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Old North Is Awash in Dangerous Foxtails. Dog Walkers, Take Care (55)

Walking in a far area of the UCD arboretum recently, my dog Tyler suddenly yelped, began to whine, shake his head, and favor his left ear.

Looking, I saw we had come to a small area of foxtails and he had apparently gotten one in his left ear. We took him to a vet immediately. Sure enough, a foxtail was lodged deeply in that ear. Fortunately, it could be removed and he is fine now.

That episode has made me alert to the presence of foxtails and I have begun to notice that a great many Old North properties feature them next to the sidewalks and along the alleys and some streets.

Indeed, one yard and side-yard along 7th Street has a virtually complete lawn of them.

To say the least, it is disappointing that so many Old North residents maintain their yards at such a low level that dangerous foxtails flourish on them.

More information on foxtails and their dangers can be found here: