Sunday, May 22, 2011

ONDNA Tenth Annual Meeting, Sunday, June 5th (46)

1. Excerpt from the Bylaws of the ONDNA
Meeting at the Hattie Weber Museum Sunday afternoon June 21, 2002, some two-dozen ON residents formed the Old North Davis Neighborhood Association.

If that gathering was the group’s First Annual Meeting, then the assembly this June 5th will be the Tenth Annual Meeting. (And, it will mark completion of nine years of the group’s existence, as shown in Image 4.)

2. ONDNA founding members, June 21, 2002

The number “ten” is often used to mark achievements. So, this Annual Meeting could perhaps feature celebratory and commemorative activity.
3. Excerpt From the First ONDA Flyer

Let me make a small contribution to this possibility by posting a copy of a badly reproduced Davis Enterprise report on the forming event (Image 3) and a photograph of the Founding Group I took outside the Hattie Weber at the end of that forming meeting (Image 2).

As far as I know, almost none of the neighborhood groups fostered by the City about a decade ago (the ONDNA among them) has survived.  I therefore suppose the mere fact that this association is still around is a major reason for celebration.

4. Folder on Each ONDNA year at
Regarding the more serious aspects of this Annual Meeting, Section 8.1 of the ONDNA bylaws requires “state of the Association” reports from the “four incumbent Officers” at the meeting (Image 1).  These four reports--and the Board elections--are of course what an Annual General Meeting is all about. As with all “AGMs,” this is the organizationally ordinary time of stock-taking regarding the association’s past, present, and future.

Let me call attention to the fact that the ONDNA is a City-sponsored, subsidized, and quasi-official representative of our neighborhood to the City of Davis. This means that OND resident-owners, landlords, and renters alike are automatically--like it or not--voting members of the ONDNA. (There are voluntary dues of $5.00 a year.)

So, if you are in any of these three categories, you should not be shy about attending this Annual General Meeting, hearing the reports, voicing your views, and voting in the elections for next year’s seven members of the board.

Responding to my inquiry, ONDA President Steve Tracy has told me the meeting will be at 642 D Street on Sunday, June 5.  So far as I know, he has not yet announced the time at which the official proceedings will start.   I will post that time and other relevant information as it becomes available.  JL