Sunday, May 15, 2011

OND Show Houses & House Shows (43)

Image 1 (Davis Wiki)
The large student population of Davis creates a milieu in which culturally distinctive residences form and persist for many years, even as most or all the residents change.

Some become named places of pride and public identity to the point that they are written up on that wonderful Davis resource, the Davis Wiki (Image 1).  

A short Davis Wiki list of such houses is given in Image 2, where we also see them divided into “show” versus “regular” types.

Image 2 (Davis Wiki)

All this relates to the Old North because our neighborhood has three of the “show” variety.   “Show” means “house shows,” i. e. live band concerts are irregularly staged in them (Image 3).

Our Old North show houses are named Dam Haus (
Image 4), F and 6th (Image 5), and Charred Dog House (Image 6).

Image 4 (Davis Wiki)

All three appear to have thrived for many years, but Dam Haus and Charred Dog House have come onto hard times recently. Their troubles are explained in their respective Davis Wiki write-ups. JL

Image 6 (Davis Wiki)

Image 5 (Davis Wiki)
Image 3 (Davis Wiki)