Sunday, May 1, 2011

539 E Street c. 1941 & 2010: Then & Now #1 (37)

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of “then and now” juxtaposed photos of Old North buildings. This will, though, be a short series unless people with early Old North pictures I can scan contact me at With those “thens,” I can photograph “nows.”

We begin with 539 E Street, built in 1938, and pictured here in two views taken about 1941.

The first set, showing the front of 539 E, is most conspicuous for the fact that we can barely see the building now because of the large landscape. I have begun to notice that this change is, indeed, fairly common in the Old North (including my own house at 523 E). Let me report that behind the landscape the house today is almost unchanged in essentials from what we see in the 1941 view.

It would appear that the tree in the center of the picture in 1941 is also in the 2010 photo, only taller and thicker. Or at least, the tree is leaning at a similar angle in both snapshots. In addition, the electric-telephone pole is leaning at much the same angle in both pictures. Are both the same pole? JL