Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring's Floral Displays: Trees, Shrubs, Hedges (24), by Dennis Dingemans

Spring is a great time to be walking amidst the floral displays visible from OND's sidewalks and alleys.  The single most impressive example of a flowering perennial is, again this year, the incredible mass of wisteria blossoms near the corner of B and 7th.
     Appreciation of this annual exhibition of color and scent might be enhanced by a neighborhood effort to encourage temporary labels to some of the less well known plants.  Old North is our de facto extension of the arboretum and interpretive labels would be a gift to the street (see, for example, Jan Bridge’s front yard labels at the corner of B and A).  Unfortunately, this hasn't been a great year for flowering trees, shrubs, and bushes because our wildly variable weather pattern produced summer-like warmth for 10 days right after the March return of winter cold.  The spring floral season has been brief, but there is still time to catch a mild version of what is often a spectacular walk or bike ride around Old North.
Dennis Dingemans